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Oral Sex For Couples Over 50

August 3, 2011 by
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Oral sex can be an even more emotionally charged topic than sex itself, and yet, for couples over 50 there are often excellent reasons to consider it if it hasn’t been in your repertoire before this and to especially enjoy it if you have.

Physical limitations related to aging or illness may make oral sex a favored medium of sexual interaction.

For men coping with erectile dysfunction can be a nightmare, but oral sex may be especially attractive to both partners in this case. There are two reasons for this.

  1. For the man who cannot get an erection, it may be the best way to experience penile stimulation that can lead to orgasm because it is with his partner.  Fortunately, the nerves of sexual feeling are not the same as the ones that control erection, so though it changes the whole situation, it does not preclude it.
  2. And, for a partner of either gender, the lack of erection often makes it a much more comfortable experience to take the penis into their mouth.

For older women who are experiencing painful intercourse and hence are avoiding that, whether due to vaginal dryness or some other cause, oral sex also provides an alternate route to shared sexual pleasure.

In his book Better Than Ever,  Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld, surveyed couples over 50 relative to their sex lives to discover what they were doing, what worked, and what didn’t.  It’s a good book that I encourage your to read, but in the briefest of summaries, couples over 50 are engaged in just about any kind of sexual activity that you can imagine.  Sometimes it is an extension of younger behavior, sometimes it is quite different due to changes in circumstances, and sometimes the people choose not to change attitudes beliefs, and behaviors in the face of change and just “sit it out”.

Which group any given couple was in seemed to depend on whether or not they were what he came to describe as “lovers” or not.  The lovers did what they had to to keep the loving, sexual flame alive.  The others didn’t.

Being one of the lovers sounds like a lot more fun to me.


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